Employment Law

Twitchell and Rice, LLP

Twitchell and Rice, LLP is able to advise on matters dealing with employee benefits and the legal complexities connected with such benefits. Although it may seem that employee benefits are a simple and effective way for employers to provide their employees with security and stability, employee benefits has become financially and legally complex. We are aware of and understand the importance of employee benefits as it relates to the employers. Our services include:

  • Advice on employee handbooks and preparation of employee handbooks
  • Advice on employee benefits, compensation and overtime issues, vacation and leave of absence laws and the legal complexities connected with such matters
  • Advice and counseling that reduces the risk of litigation to employers and how to prevent litigation
  • Representation of employer in litigation matters relating to wrongful discharge claims, civil litigation involving overtime wages, unpaid commissions, vacation pay, and severance pay, contract and labor disputes, unfair competition, employment discrimination, and sexual harassment